Frequently Asked Questions | Greenerbilling
What is greenerbilling™?

It is the most efficient Web-based invoicing system designed by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. It allows you to “green-up” your bottom-line and increases your business growth while using “greener billing” practices.

Who will use greenerbilling™?

Anyone who needs to send invoices — efficiently! Ideal for Micro-business owners who think BIG — and expect payment for their hard work!

What is a Micro-business?

A Micro-business is a smaller version of a small business.

The U.S Small Business Administration defines a small business as one that makes less than $5 million a year and has less than 500 employees.

A Micro-business, however, has less than 10 employees, may require significantly less in start-up costs; employees may have a variety of responsibilities, and take great interest in the overall success of the business.

If that defines YOUR business, then you should be using greenerbilling™.

What do I need to use greenerbilling™?

We could get technical here, but all you really need is an Internet connection and a modern Web browser.

Does greenerbilling™ secure my data?

Yes! Ma-jor-ly! All data is secured by 128- to 256-Bit SSL Encryption, based on the SSL Certificate and browser of the user. Sensitive data is encrypted in the database. The greenerbilling™ service, and all your data, is secure behind firewalls monitored daily. The database is backed up daily at multiple locations.

Can I receive my payments through greenerbilling™?

Yes, we offer the convenience of having your customers pay you via PayPal.

Do you charge a fee for accepting payments via PayPal?

No. Greenerbilling does not charge for this convenience. You will only incur the standard fees from PayPal for the payment processing.

What’s the DIRT Plan?

The DIRT Plan is greenerbilling’s answer to businesses that require fewer invoices monthly. Your initial use of the DIRT Plan entitles you to receive 5 Free Invoice “Sends”.

Starting with your 6th Invoice Send, you will be billed USD $0.50 per Invoice Send.

In addition, the DIRT Plan gives first-time users the opportunity to try 3 Estimates, 3 Recurring Invoice Schedules, and 3 Templates.

Why pay for more than you use? You are in full control of what you send and what you spend!

How do I pay for what I use on the DIRT Plan?

You will be asked to submit a valid credit card on the date of your 6th send. That date establishes your 30-day billing cycle. We will automatically track the number of Invoice Sends and you will be billed accordingly. Remember, you will only spend for what you send.

What happens to my account if I cancel the DIRT Plan?

Two things:
1. Any unpaid balance for Invoice Sends is billed and then all billing information is removed.
2. All of your business information (Clients, Invoices, Payments, etc) is kept for you indefinitely and is retrievable simply by logging in.

What are the SEEDLING, PLANT, and TREE Plans?

These are plans designed for businesses that require at least 50 Invoice Sends per month. In addition, these monthly plans offer other business tools (e.g. Unlimited Estimates and Invoice Scheduling).

How do I pay for my Consumption-based Plan or Monthly Plan?

With a valid credit card which will be billed in a 30-day cycle.

How easy is it to cancel my monthly paying plan account?

Your greenerbilling™ monthly paying plan is a subscription that you may cancel at any time.

What happens if I cancel my monthly paying plan account?

Two things:
1. Your account data is housed under the “DIRT” Plan.
2. You will be liable for the full monthly charges for the month in which your account is canceled.

Are there hidden fees?

No! We believe in keeping it simple! All monthly paying plans are billed on a 30-day cycle. The consumption-based Dirt Plan is also billed on a 30-day cycle, starting with the 6th Invoice Send. All additional mind-blowing features will be provided at NO EXTRA COST!

Tell me about the 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

This FIRST time you sign up and pay for a MONTHLY PAYING PLAN, you are entitled to cancel that plan within 30 days of payment and receive a full refund of fees paid.

Does greenerbilling™ provide Customer Support?

Customer support will be through e-mail, with response time within 24 hours. Call it CRM, Customer Relationship Management OR Chlorophyll Retention Methods – they are vital to greenerbilling™. Our customers are the most important people on Earth. They are building the economic base of the world! We at greenerbilling™ will always keep them first.

As for Chlorophyll Retention Methods – that just means we are definitely into keeping Mother Earth healthy and GREEN-ER.